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We are so delighted to have launched our sister company, ThinkDesignCreate, and thank you all for your support. Bringing your pictures and artwork to life on glass or photoboard is truly inspirational for us. Here’s to 2018! We love bringing memories to life for you! #thinkdesigncreate #familyphotography #family #art...

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We, at VistaGlass Direct, are delighted to announce the launch of our new business, ThinkDesignCreate! With our experience in the commercial glass fabrication business, and a commitment to our customers who requested unique glass art pieces to bring their memories and photographs to life, ThinkDesignCreate was born. We are...

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At VistaglassDirect, we are bringing our customers’ creativity to life utilizing our brand-new, high-tech digital flatbed printer. Just this week, we printed this ‘Wall of Glass Art’ which is now displayed in our showroom in Coral Springs, Florida. For our clients, we can print photographs, designs and artwork on...

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As we continue our investment into our expansion and growth, VistaGlass Direct is excited to introduce the next generation of digital printing right here in our Coral Springs factory. By utilizing our brand-new, high-tech digital flatbed printer, we can now print your designs on virtually any substrate. If you...

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As many of our local Florida schools head back today, the team at VistaGlass Direct had a fun time bringing an Apple For The Teacher mirror design to life for our client. We offer glass and waterjet art – including 3D art – to our customers. Give us a...

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