Back Painted Glass

It is now possible to create a wonderful feeling of depth, space and light in your home using large spans of colored glass. The technique we use is backpainting where we apply a specially formulated paint to the back of the glass and you see the colors through the glass.

Perfect for partitions, kitchen back splash, shower doors, accent walls, furniture, shelving, vanities and other design uses, custom laminate glass is available in a variety of patterns and colors.

  • Modern and stylish
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Very clean and hygienic
  • Makes any room look spacious and modern
  • Light reflective surface brightens any room
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Can be shaped to fit any wall
  • Heat and impact resistant

Add a ‘touch of glass’

To your kitchen...

Modern kitchen designs incorporates high gloss finishes on both work surfaces and in kitchen cupboards and now this clean and bright look can be added to walls with our back-painted glass. Our glass offers a modern, stylish and stunning alterative to tiles, stainless steel and granite with an easy-to-clean surface.

To your bathroom…

Glass Fabrication Water Jet Vista Glass Direct

Whether it be bathrooms or other wet areas, our beautiful colored glass can be used as a decorative design feature for modern living.

In your home…

Add a statement to your home with amazing colored accent walls that make smaller spaces feel bigger and add a touch style to any room of your home. Add modern glass furniture to office space for an immediate impact.

Available in 24 standard colors with numerous effect finishes and patterned designs