Decorative Laminated Glass

Timeless, modern, chic and sophisticated… our decorative glass collection has it all. From elegant pleats and delicate crinkles to stunning metallic hues, this collection combines the elegance of contemporary textiles with the durability of laminated safety glass. These glasses are ideal for the home, retail and corporate settings.

 Our decorative laminate glass color palette is beautiful, sensual and natural. Patterns range from delicate lines, layers, and crinkles to nature-inspired motifs.

Our decorative glass creates light and color. The translucent glasses are designed for use in luxury decorative glass partitions, doors and windows, stair railings, balustrades, and ceilings. Laminated to mirror or back-painted, they are transformed into unique and elegant glasses for wall cladding applications. Our opaque glasses are ideal for feature walls, lobbies, and elevator interiors. They attract attention, infusing spaces with energy, while making a true design statement.

We can customize the collection using any of our hundreds of patterned, etched, colored, and mirrored glasses, to create a unique solution for special applications. The laminated glass offers safety and enhanced sound control properties. It is available in sizes up to 58” by 120” and in thickness of ¼”, with custom options up to 3/4” thick.